Spring 10x10 Wrap Up

Well, that went by rather fast! This was only my third 10x10 challenge, and I absolutely loved it! During the challenge, I felt like it was easy for me. In the past, I've definitely gotten bored partway through, and have had trouble pushing myself to finish. But I'm very pleased with myself for taking an outfit photo every day, and for choosing pieces that I both feel very comfortable in, and could mix and match into many different outfits that I felt stylish in. 

Outfit One 


Top: Thrifted

Bottoms: Levi's 501 C&T / Purchased new

Shoes: Everlane Suede Heel Mules / Purchased new

Notes: This is what I wore while we drove the 9 hours to Montreal on Friday. I was truthfully not thinking about style at all when I pulled these to wear this day - I was really only thinking about comfort, and finding multiple ways to wear each thing I brought with me. I chose to wear the mules in the car because they were so easy to slip off while we were driving. 

Style Score: 6, because I find it rather boring. I would probably throw on a neck scarf or some other accessory next time to add a bit of interest to the top. 

Outfit Two 


Top: Jamie and the Jones pocket box tee / Purchased secondhand

Bottoms: Levi's 501 C&T

Shoes: Everlane suede heel mules / Purchased new

Necklace: Michelle Ross designs / Purchased new

Notes: I actually changed into this on Friday after we arrived in Montreal - call it a 'bonus outfit' if you like! All I had to do to get ready for dinner was swap out the top, throw on a necklace and some makeup, and I was good to go! This top is actually brand new to me - I only received it a few hours before I wore it. So far so good! It's a bit boxier than my usual clothing, but I'm interested in the shapes and will try my very best to make it work for me. 

Style Score: 9, because I still feel a bit odd in the oversized top, but loved the combo of distressed jeans with a darker denim top. It felt un-fussy but still made up nice for dinner. 

Outfit Three


Top: Everlane $100 cashmere crew / Purchased new

Bottoms: Levi's 501 C&T / Purchased new

Shoes: Everlane suede heel mules / Purchased new

Necklace: Able / Purchased new

Notes: I wore this outfit while exploring around Montreal all day. We walked quite a lot and while I did start to get some blisters on the bottoms of my feet, the shoes were surprisingly comfortable for most of the day. It was a bit of a cold day, so I was very glad to be wearing such a cozy sweater! 

Style Score: 8, because I felt very much like myself in this, but could have added a bit more interest with a third layer on top. 

Outfit Four


Top: Everlane $100 cashmere crew

Skirt: Thrifted

Shoes: Everlane suede heel mules

Scarf: Thrifted

Notes: I wore this outfit to Easter brunch, and felt like I was the perfect mix of dressed-up and cozy. This skirt is quite comfortable and simple, but still gives a nicely feminine edge to any outfit. 

Style Score: 10, because I felt comfy and super stylish! My favourite combo. 

Outfit Five 

076C0EDB-D944-421D-A493-9DBFF5C20669 2.JPG

Top: Thrifted

Dress: Thrifted

Shoes: Veja

Notes: This is one of my favourite tops, but I've never worn it with a knot before. I loved the extra interest it gave to the outfit! I also had fun layering a top over a dress, something I probably never would have done if it weren't for this challenge. 

Style Score: 8, because I really loved the rest of the outfit, but hate the white sneakers here. I think it's just way too much of a contrast for me, and I wish I had worn my mules instead. Here's a secret though: I didn't even actually wear these shoes out of the house with this outfit. It was raining that day, so I wore my rain boots on my walk to work, and at work I have to wear special non-slip shoes. 

Outfit Six


Top: Jamie & the Jones pocket box tee in black denim

Skrit: Thrifted

Shoes: Everlane suede heel mules in mustard

Scarf: Thrifted

Notes: I wore this to work for a long day of working two jobs, and I'm very glad I did. I felt super comfortable all day, but still felt put-together and stylish. 

Style Score: 7, because I still feel a little bit silly in this top, it's just so much more oversized than anything I own, and I'm not so sure I like that. I think it's partly due to the rigidity of the denim, so it doesn't fall in a pretty way over me. 

Outfit Seven


Top: Thrifted 

Pants: Thrifted 

Shoes: Everlane suede heel mules in mustard 

Notes: I've actually worn this top/pant combo quite a lot this winter and I've been loving the soft colours together. I like it even more when worn with my mustard mules! 

Style Score: 9, because I wish I had added some jewelry or a scarf or something to add a bit more interest.

Outfit Eight


Dress: Thrifted

Jeans: Levi's 501 CT

Shoes: Everlane suede heel mules

Notes: For this outfit I tucked my t-shirt dress into my jeans a bit to give it more of a 'tunic-y' feel, and I loved it! I will confess though, at some point during the day I gave up on the tuck and just wore it as a dress over jeans, which I also like, although it doesn't have as much interest to me. 

Style Score: 9, because it was a bit fussy but I loved the overall feel and look.

Outfit Nine


Top: Thrifted

Jeans: Levi's 501 CT

Shoes: Veja

Notes: I actually wore my hair differently than pictured; I put it up into some milkmaid braids, and it really added a lot to how I felt about the outfit! I was working for most of the day, so comfort was key and this combo worked perfectly for that. 

Style Score: 7, because while I felt comfortable, I wished I had a 'third piece' or some jewelry for some added interest. 

Outfit Ten


Top: Thrifted 

Skirt: Thrifted

Necklace: ABLE

Mules: Everlane 

Notes: I wore this outfit out to dinner, on the second last day of the 10x10 challenge. I had planned on making it a 'bonus outfit' and continuing on the following day, but the next morning I was just really and truly done with the challenge. 

Style Score: 9, because I really loved the skirt/top combo, necklace, and shoes. I just wish the shirt had a little more interest to it, like a wrap style or some added texture. 


top three favourite outfits

  1. Day four
  2. Day seven 
  3. Day eight 

most worn pieces

  1. mules | worn 8 times
  2. distressed jeans | worn 5 times
  3. midi skirt | worn 3 times
  4. checker top | worn 3 times

key takeaways

  • My favourite outfits were always the ones with softer pallets and less obvious contrasts. Surprising to me because I've been wearing mostly black for a long time, but maybe it's time for me to introduce a bit more colour into my wardrobe. Interesting.
  • Comfort is very important to me, but it also needs to be mixed with interesting styles. Almost every outfit had me wishing that more of my pieces had a bit more 'interest' to them. Either a different texture, or a bit of subtle but specific detail. Interesting.
  • I almost always wished I had some sort of 'third piece' to bring more interest to each outfit, and I really don't have many garments that could fit this category. I never really considered my need for that type of thing, but I'm glad to have learned that I really do like the idea! Maybe I'll add a vest or two to my wish list for the summer. 

And that's a wrap! How did the 10x10 challenge go for you? Would you try it with me next time? Let me know in the comments!