Friday Favourites


Hi friends! Happy Friday! This week felt very long for me. We've had several very gloomy, cloudy days, and it's been very cold. Luckily this weekend is supposed to warm up a bit, and I'm so excited to spend some time outside on Saturday and Sunday.


  • One of my favourite podcasts, Invisibilia, is back for another season! If you haven't already listened to their previous works, I highly recommend you do so! It's an NPR podcast all about the hidden forces that shape our lives. 
  • I've been listening to The War on Drugs' new(ish) album on repeat all week. It's the perfect soundtrack to almost everything- with dreamy sounds and drawn out vocal lines.


  • This list of books to read about sustainable fashion and living with less is awesome! I've already added several of them to my wish list, and hope to read a few in the next little while. 

  • This article about why Matilda Kahl wears the same thing to work every single day is so inspiring. I love the idea of never having to even think about what you're going to wear, and still feeling good about your outfit! 


  • If you haven't already seen The F Word, I highly recommend you watch it. It's an adorable romantic comedy set in Toronto, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan. Plus, it's on Netflix! What's not to love? 
  • Last weekend we binge-watched Big Little Lies, and.. wow. If you've never seen it, you've got to add it to your list. I'm still not over it! I plan on reading the book in the next little while- I just can't get enough! 

Do you have any plans for the weekend?