Spring 10x10 2018

If you've never heard of the 10x10 challenge before, head on over to this post by Lee of Style Bee (the creator of this fun challenge!) where she gives a perfect explanation of the challenge, it's origins, and shares some excellent examples to get you started. 

In short, you choose 10 items from your existing wardrobe, wear only those for the next 10 days, styling them into 10 different outfits. This time around the challenge begins on Friday, March 30 (tomorrow!). What I love the most about this challenge is that beyond following those rough guidelines, you can set whatever rules you want for yourself to follow. Don't want to include outerwear (like Lee suggests)? You don't have to. Want to include accessories? Go right ahead! You can even decided to tweak the 10 days rule- you could skip weekends and do 10 business days instead. Or you could do the challenge only at work, or only at home. The possibilities are all there, and they're all totally up to you. 

This will be my third 10x10 challenge, and I couldn't be more excited for it! I do wish the weather would cooperate a bit more during the 10 days, but I'm still looking to have a blast with the challenge. 

I've decided to tweak StyleBee's guidelines a bit for my own challenge: I won't be including outerwear this time around. To be honest, I totally forgot that it's something that should be included until after I already chose my ten items, and was then hit with a feeling of panic about getting rid of any of my already chosen pieces. Then I remembered that this was supposed to be a fun challenge, and that I didn't have to include outerwear if I didn't want to! 

It's not going to be all that warm for this challenge, but I couldn't resist including some pieces that weren't in my winter capsule so it at least feels a little bit like spring. 

Here's what I'm including for my spring 10x10 challenge: 

1. Distressed jeans

These jeans have been such a well-worn part of my winter capsule. I thought about not including them just to force myself to get creative with other garments, but I just can't do without them for 10 days! 

2. White denim

These pants were a great secondhand find for me, and while I love them, they don't get as much wear as they deserve. So, into the 10x10 they go! 

3. Black midi skirt

This skirt is a definite favourite of mine. It's classic, comfortable, and goes with everything in my wardrobe. I also chose this so I could layer it with a dress, a style tip I've yet to try. 

4. Pocket box tee

This top is brand-new to me (in fact, it should be arriving by mail any minute now!), and I'm super excited to take it out for a test run in the next ten days. 

5. Cashmere crew

I love this sweater dearly, but since it's a bit fussy (it's very light in colour so shows any stains easily, and not easy to clean!) I haven't found myself reaching for it as much as I would like to. I'm hoping to use this challenge to force myself to wear it more often.  

6. Checker top

Another favourite from my winter capsule that I just couldn't do without for the next 10 days.

7. Black 3/4 sleeve tee

A simple top that I had 'retired' to my loungewear drawer, but realized that I actually enjoy the cut of it and could make it work harder with the rest of my wardrobe. 

8. Black t-shirt dress

I bought this dress on ThredUp a while ago, and it's seen quite a lot of wear since then. It's made of 'artificial' fibres, however, which makes me worry that it won't be able to survive much more wear. I dream of someday replacing it with Sotela's coccoon dress. But, until then, I will work with what I have! 

9. White suede sneakers

These sneakers have been a favourite of mine since I got them last fall. Sometimes I do wish I had chosen the leather version instead of the suede version - suede is a bit more fussy than I like for my wardrobe - but I still love these just the same. 

10. Mustard suede mules

These shoes are tricky. Don't get me wrong - I do love them - but it can feel like a bit of a love/hate relationship at times. The colour can be a bit too 'out there' for me - I prefer to stick to neutrals for the most part - and again, the suede can feel a bit fussy. But they are comfortable, and well made, and still very nice shoes, so I will do my best to make them work for me. Perhaps after this challenge I will be able to see if they're really worth keeping, or if I should try to sell them. 

Are you participating in this 10x10 challenge? Have you chosen your 10 items?

I'd love to hear from you!

Follow along with my outfit combinations on instagram throughout the 10 days! I'll be using the hashtags #10x10friends, #spring10x10, and #ES10x10. See you there!