Project 333- Month 1 Check-in


Hello friends! I'm now officially a third into project 333- so I figured it would be a good time to post an update on how that's been going for me. 

In this post, I will be talking about one of my goals for this challenge and how it's going so far, and sharing some additional goals for the rest of the challenge.

So grab a cup of something cozy and settle in for a while!

Goal Update

When I first posted about this project, I talked about three goals I was hoping to accomplish in the three month period.  

  1. Go on a shopping fast

Pretty much right off the bat I 'failed' on my shopping fast goal. In the beginning of February, I brought some things to the consignment store and browsed around while they were sorting through my items. Inevitably, I found several things that were on my wish list, and jumped on the opportunity. Here's what I bought:

  • Beige cocoon cardigan 
  • Black leather tote
  • Brown duster vest 
  • Grey scarf 
  • Black and white patterned bandana
  • Cream silk tee

I felt rather guilty for a while afterwards; debating whether I should 'fess up' to my mistake or hide it and not mention it. But this process isn't about suffering or guilt- and it's okay to make mistakes! So rather than feeling like a failure at my own goals, I reconfigured my 33 items to include all of these new items (except for the bandana- that'll be for spring!). Making a mistake doesn't mean that all is lost, either. I've jumped back into my shopping fast, this time including a 'browsing ban' as well. I realized that I would spend hours and hours of my spare time browsing through ethical brand websites, forming endless wish lists for things I probably didn't really need, and feeling more and more dissatisfied with what was already in my wardrobe.  

I've been attempting to log what I've been wearing every day on style book- a really helpful app that you can use to track what's in your wardrobe, and what you're wearing every day. It has a lot of really cool features, like building outfits, creating packing lists, keeping a wish list, and logging details about each piece in your wardrobe. I'm a self-proclaimed 'list person' and data lover, so it's been fun to track and log things like the materials and cost of each piece, number of times each item is worn, and what colours I tend to wear the most (This isn't sponsored, I just really love it!). I've been working on an even more detailed spreadsheet to inventory my wardrobe (including pieces I have in storage), which I will post as soon as I have it completed! 

I was home with the flu for most of last week, so I fell out of tracking my outfits as they were mostly composed of sweatpants and hoodies- but I'm trying my best to get back on track with tracking. I also didn't even think to track my outerwear, accessories, or shoes for the whole month of January, so I really can't say how often I've been wearing each piece in these categories just yet. These things have never really felt like part of an outfit before- I've always just viewed them as kind of an afterthought. 

For the rest of this challenge, I'm making it my goal to both finish editing and adding to my 'style book closet', and to track what I wear every day- including my accessories, shoes, and outerwear. 

Have you ever done project 333? Or another type of capsule wardrobe? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 

Bye for now,