Winter 10x10: A Challenge Within A Challenge


I did say in my last post that I love a good wardrobe challenge, so even though I'm already in the midst of project 333, I'm going to be joining in on the winter 10x10 starting today! 

This challenge is led by the lovely Lee of Style Bee, and Caroline of Un-Fancy. The rules are simple: choose 10 items (include shoes, don't include accessories), wear only these for 10 days, and create 10 different outfits. 

I participated during the summer 10x10 and had a blast! It was the first real style challenge I did, and it was so refreshing and eye-opening for me. It did so much to alleviate the sense of panic I get when I feel like I don't have the well-put-together wardrobe I wish I had- it forced me to take a step back and live with what I had. And you know what? I realized that I had some real gems already in my wardrobe, I just needed to appreciate them more.

I wasn't able to do the fall 10x10 because we were on our honeymoon when it began, and I really wished I had planned in advance to participate. There is such a great community of people who participate in these things, and it's so much fun to be a part of it! 

Since I've already narrowed down my wardrobe to a small capsule of 33 pieces for the next three months, it was pretty easy for my to choose my 10 items from that. I considered the weather for the next 10 days, any activities I'll be doing, and how many ways I can wear each item. Most of the pieces I chose are pretty simple- I'm not sure how creative I'll really be able to be, but I'm excited to dive right in! 


My 10 Items:

  1. Black 3/4 sleeve dress
  2. Black crew neck sweater
  3. Black oversized sweater
  4. Striped tee
  5. Sweater tee
  6. Black slinky tank
  7. Distressed jeans
  8. Black skinnies
  9. Black chelsea boots
  10. Brown winter boots 

This time around I realized that I haven't really added any colour- but I'm looking for comfort, not challenge! My goal for this 10x10 is to stop thinking about my wardrobe so much, and focus on selling/moving out some items that I'm just not in love with. 

I've decided to hold off a bit on posting my 33 items for Project 333. It was stressing me out quite a bit this week- not the challenge itself, but trying to photograph each piece just right, and edit them all. I'm certainly not a photographer and I haven't got this whole photoshop thing down yet, so I'm giving myself a break and deciding not to worry so much about it. This is supposed to be fun, after all! 

I'll be posting on instagram during the challenge, so follow along with me! Are you thinking about joining in? Let me know, I'd love to hear how it goes for you!