Fall Wardrobe Planning


Happy August! Can you believe July is already over?! August is my favourite month (maybe just because my birthday happens during it- but hey), with summer still sweet on the wind, but winding down into cozier nights. 

I know there is still at least another month and a half of summer left, but I've already started thinking about fall. Cozy sweaters, apple picking, crisp, colourful leaves... the more I think about it, the more excited I get. 

So, naturally, I've begun to think about my fall wardrobe. One thing that I think really helps with creating a thoughtful wardrobe, is planning. I might not have all of the staples I want/need for the coming cool weather, but I know that I have time to really think about what I want to add to my wardrobe, and plan to make a few very well thought out purchases. I can avoid that feeling of panic: feeling like I need to buy a pair of jeans right now and inevitably making the wrong (or simply mediocre) choice, settling for something that's good but not great. I will admit that it feels a little bit strange imagining wearing sweaters any time soon, but in a way it feels nice to plan my fall wardrobe from afar. 

Here's a few steps that I'm taking (and you can too!) to get ready for fall:

1. Work With What You Have

This afternoon, I pulled out all of my 'cold weather' clothes from storage, and threw them all on the bed. I made a couple of piles:

Love- pieces I know I love and would wear right now

Tailor- pieces I think I could learn to love if I were to bring them to get tailored to fit me better

Sell- pieces that are in good shape, but I just don't love, to bring to the consignment store and sell, and finally: 

Give Away- pieces to bring to goodwill or some other thrift store, to donate.

Once I had my piles laid out, I evaluated what I already had, taking note of a few items I'd like to replace with similar ones, and trying to find any potential 'holes' in my wardrobe. 

2. Make a List

Once you've finished with your piles and know what you already have, make a list of things you would like to add. Be specific. Try to imagine the exact cut, fit, colour, even material, of each item on your list. It's best to do this before you start shopping, that way you won't get sucked into any sales or deals, and you will be far less likely to compromise on what you really want. I've fallen victim to this many times before- I see something that doesn't quite fit the description of what I have on my list, but it looks so great on the model, that I forget about what I really wanted in the first place. This leads me to make a purchase that I end up regretting, feeling stuck with a pair of jeans or a dress that I don't love, but feel obligated to wear out of guilt. 

3. Prioritize Your List, Then Start Looking!

Once I made my list, I started to look for the things I wanted to buy. I'm starting early, so I still have lots of time to find the exact things I want. I probably won't end up purchasing everything on the list, but it feels good to have at least some sort of plan going into it!

I'm hoping that by the time the cool weather really rolls around, I'll be ready with a well-planned capsule wardrobe. Until then, happy planning!