Summer 10x10, Outfits 6-10

Hey there! Happy monday everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend- ours was jam packed with fun events and friends and family, and I'm really wishing I had another few days of relaxing right about now.

Yesterday was our wedding shower, and it was just so incredible to be able to spend the day with almost all of our favourite people in the world, all at once. I was also reminded at just how talented and thoughtful my friends and family are- my 'bridal brigade' planned and set up the whole thing, and they did an incredible job transforming the cafe we held it in into something truly beautiful. 

Another exciting thing: the 10x10 is officially over! I can't believe it's already finished, time just flew by. In case you missed it: I chose 10 items of clothing to wear for 10 days, creating 10 different outfits. I was extremely nervous going into this challenge, I was so worried that I would have some unexpected event to go to and not have the right pieces, but I was totally fine! I was very surprised at how easy it was, once I really got into it. 

So let's dive right into the second half of of the outfits I wore for the past 10 days: 

Outfit 6

I liked this outfit a lot, although wearing all white definitely makes me nervous to eat or drink anything. I'm extremely clumsy and it wouldn't be all that surprising if I spilled coffee or soup all over myself. It was fun, though, to change it up and wear something so out of my comfort zone. That's what this challenge was all about, right? I surprised myself a lot by choosing several white pieces for the challenge, and I really enjoyed the change in colour palate! 

Outfit 7

I love the simplicity of this outfit. I probably would add some sort of necklace next time, to add a little more detail, but I love the colours together and the relaxed fit of both the tee and the jeans. 

I bought this shirt when we were visiting San Francisco last September, and haven't gotten nearly enough wear out of it. It's a bit long, which I've always found a bit awkward, but during this challenge I've been forced to find ways to style it that are both comfortable, and look put together. I've been styling it tied in a knot quite a lot, but I still like it untied and long as well, with a bit of a half tuck in the front to give it more interest.  

Outfit 8

This outfit might be my favourite one of the challenge. I love the striped tank, the relaxed jeans, casual sandals, and (of course), my favourite: the bandana. Plus! Almost everything was thrifted, minus the birkenstocks.

I really learned to love these jeans during this challenge. I bought them secondhand and was a bit unsure of them- I'm not that used to wearing light coloured pants and sometimes have trouble styling them in a way that makes me comfortable. It was surprisingly nice (and scary) to be forced to step outside my comfort zone for a little while. 

Outfit 9

I love this colour combination! I would have never thought to pair these two together, and was starting to feel a little bored with my wardrobe choices. Before this challenge, I never really took these shorts 'seriously'- I thought they were too casual and comfy to be styled in a way that actually looked put together. They've surprised me, and have climbed the ranks to being among my favourite summer pieces. 

Outfit 10

Again with this colour combination! I think I probably would have worn different shoes if I wasn't limited by the 10x10- maybe something a little lighter and less harsh to keep the look more soft, but I really loved this outfit. I would have never paired this top with these shorts if it weren't for this challenge; the top feels so much more sleek and fancy than the shorts, which often feel very casual, but I really loved the combination! I think they complimented each other very nicely. 

So, there you have it! I really highly recommend this challenge to anyone struggling to love the clothing they already own- it's the best way to force yourself (and your pieces) to work harder to create looks that you might not have tried before. It gave me the space to take a step back, breathe, and slow down the process of trying to create my perfect wardrobe. I know it's going to take a long time to slowly (but surely!) add the investment pieces I'm dreaming of (Hello, everything Elizabeth Suzann), but doing this challenge really helped me feel so much more content with all of the pieces I already own. It gave me the reassurance that I really can live with a small wardrobe, easily. 

Would you ever take part in this challenge? I think you'd be surprised with how easy it really is!