Summer 10x10, 2017

Hello! Happy July! I hope you've been enjoying the weather wherever you are, it's been a beautiful week around here. 

As I mentioned last week- I'll be joining in the summer 10x10 challenge lead by my faves, Lee from Style Bee and Caroline from Un-Fancy. What is a '10x10', you ask? Well here's how it works: choose 10 pieces from your wardrobe to wear exclusively for the next 10 (business) days. You include tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, and outerwear. You don't need to include accessories, loungewear, workout clothes, or PJs. That's it! 

I've been watching from afar for a few seasons now as these lovely ladies have embarked on this challenge, and they always make it look so easy! I thought choosing my 10 pieces would be a breeze. Well, I have to admit that I was very wrong on that front! I deliberated and deliberated, getting more and more nervous about this challenge and the difficulties I might face. But, I'm determined to try my best, and see what I can learn. 

So here's what will be making up my wardrobe for the next two weeks: 

White Cami: Old, from RW&CO

Boyfriend Jeans: Thrifted H&M

White Denim Cutoffs: Levi's 501 With The Band Cutoffs 

Red Striped Dress: Old, from H&M

Linen Joggers: Old, from H&M

White Tee: Synergy Organic Clothing

Sandals: Birkenstocks

Red Heels: L'Intervalle

Striped Tank: Thrifted

Black Crew Tee: Thrifted 

So, here I go! I won't be posting every day on here with each outfit, but I will post a weekly roundup on Friday this week and next. Care to join me? Check out Caroline's guide to how to plan your 10x10 in 25 minutes flat. 

Wish me luck!