June Challenge: Outfit Two

I've had this dress for what feels like forever. I can remember wearing it to school when I was in high school (!). It's been tossed in the pile of clothes to get rid of almost every time I've done a closet purge, only to be snatched back before I can part with it. In fact, just last week I brought a basket of summer clothes to my favourite local consignment store, and this dress was in it- only when the time came, I just couldn't part with it.

Dress: Old h&m / Glasses: Old Derek Cardigan 

Dress: Old h&m / Glasses: Old Derek Cardigan 

I'm not sure what draws me to it so strongly- it's full of colours and patterns, which I mostly steer clear of in the rest of my wardrobe. The cut is a little weird- it balloons out in the front in an unflattering way. It's not a 'timeless' piece, but it's not trendy either. It gets wrinkly, the pockets get caught on things, and it's not nice enough to wear out on date night...    

All of those things aside- I still love it! It's comfortable, light, breezy, and easy to wear without putting much thought into an outfit. Things don't always have to make sense on paper for them to work! 

Do you have any pieces in your closet that you just love but that don't quite make sense? Any pieces you've had for forever? Or maybe something you just can't part with? 

Oh, and also: Arcade Fire released a new song yesterday! It's the perfect song to start the weekend. Check it out: 

Have a great weekend! Enjoy the weather, wherever you are.