June Challenge: Outfit 6

Okay, how have I seriously only worn six 'real' outfits so far this month?? It's June 16! (Okay, okay- I skipped the weekend, but I did wear this same dress) I'm realizing how infrequently I actually "get dressed"- which makes me realize how small of a wardrobe I could easily have. 

Why is this, you ask? Well, I work in a kitchen. The clothes I wear to work are really not suitable to wear elsewhere, and I never wear my 'real clothes' there. Most days when I get home from work, I just put on some lounge clothes and stay at home for the rest of the evening. 

So, on to this dress! This is another secondhand find, from a couple of years ago. I will admit that it took me a while to fully appreciate it- but it has since worked its way up in the ranks to the top of my list. It's a nice light fabric, so perfect for hot, sweaty days. It's the type of dress I can wear casually to grab coffee with my fiancee, or dress up for a nice dinner out. It has a little sash I can wear as a belt to cinch the waist in, if I so choose. 

Do you have anything in your closet that took you a while to appreciate? Let me know below!