Summer Wish List

Yesterday I wrote about feeling restless, so naturally I put together a list of everything I want right now! This is helpful for a couple of reasons. I find that when I get this feeling- wanting to shop a LOT- it's helpful to simply put it all in one place. Sometimes all it takes is just making a list, and then I feel content enough to go about my life. It's also helpful for when I actually do need to make a purchase- if I can put all of my wants in one place, I can more easily decide which item(s) are the most practical thing for me to purchase right now.

So here it is: my current summer wish list. 

It's possible (ahem, likely) that I will add to this list as the summer goes on, but this is what's in my cart for the time being. 

What's on your summer wish list? Anything headed your way right now?

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