Restlessness, Contentment


I've been feeling very restless about my wardrobe lately. In part, it has to do with the changing seasons- it's very quickly coming on "Real Summer" around here, which means no more jean jackets or boyfriend jeans for me. I hate being uncomfortable, so naturally, feeling restricted and overheated in the summertime really puts me off. There was a nice little period of time in April where I felt pretty content with my wardrobe, and I (naively, I'll admit) thought I was ready for the summer. But, as always, it hits 30 degrees and beyond, and I realize that I was only really ready for "fantasy summer". I wish I could stay in fantasy summer forever, but that's not where we live. Here, it gets hot and humid. So, I'm being forced to really take a good look at my wardrobe (again!) to prepare myself for the heat and humidity that I know are headed my way.   

I'm the type of person who, when I set a goal, or decide to make some sort of change, wants it to be completed pretty much immediately. I know this whole process of building my wardrobe into the perfect, functional wardrobe will be slow. I've known that from the beginning- but that doesn't make it any easier. I get impatient, and I begin to feel seriously anxious (and bored) about my work-in-progress wardrobe. 

My goal is- has always been- contentment. I want to be able to totally stop thinking about my wardrobe. My goal is for it to become so completely functional that I no longer have to worry about these feelings of restlessness. 

I don't "get dressed" every day- I always wear the same thing to work, and some days my shift is long and I never put on my "real clothes". But, every time I actually put on an outfit to go anywhere other than work (for the month of June), I will take a photo and write about it. 

So, here goes!

How are you feeling about your wardrobe lately? Do you struggle with the same feelings? How do you get through it? I'd love to hear from you!